Blogger Crush: Sesame Chestnut


If you don’t know her yet, Lumi is a blogger and model appearing in our fashion bible,Vivi Magazine. Perhaps you seen her on tv for beauty commercial too! She is one of the most kawaii girls we’ve ever met! Lumi writes for her own website sharing her thoughts on life and useful tips for dressing up in good fashion. We have to admit, we have a serious crush on Lumi, so we caught up with her to ask all about her spring summer fashion!

Full name:
Chuah Xin Wei


Give us five words to describe your vibe:
Petite and cute yet sexy??

We love your style, tell us who or what inspires you:
Thank you!! Japanese magazines like ViVi and Zipper do give me a lot of inspirations of different styles I want to play with. Model celebrities like Lena Fujii, Ena Matsumoto, and the latest model craze, Cara Delevingne ( I love her attitude so much )! It’s basically a lot of  playing around with mix & match of what you have in your wardrobe. There’s no specific rules as long as they look good in your body proportion. =)


What do you love about Blaqmagik LVRS? :
I really love how Blaqmagik LVRS present their products with such details and of course, the material is always on TIP TOP quality! It makes you almost want to purchase everything thanks to the stylist who so deliberately match every piece with such effort~

What song do you currently have on repeat? : 

Do you wanna build a snowmaaannnn…. No I’m just kidding! Currently is Marry Me by Jason Derulo. Well, not that I’m gonna get married soon! >.<

How would your bff(s) describe you? :

Petite but strong enough to able to handle trouble.

Hidden talent or skill the world should know? :

Does folding my tongue into a ‘W’ considered a talent? I can make really nice chocolate cookies!!


What are your must-have trends for Spring/summer 14? :

Always have floral prints in your wardrobe and pastels are fine too. But I’d say fruity prints!! They instantly light up your look and you’ll feel a lot more bubbly wearing them.  \(^.^)/

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Blogger Edit – Amanda Liu


Kuala Lumpur – based Fashion and lifestyle blogger, and a Blaqmagik lover: Amanda caught our eye with her sleek street chic style. Sugarplum Candyfloss is a personal style diary documenting her daily outfits and inspirations (we got pretty much inspired too). Her look is clean, simple, and all black and maybe white. Check out how she styles her fave pieces from BLAQMAGIKLVRS.COM.

Follow her awesome styles on Instagram @amandalmy